Let Eric Ebbers help you with your next refinance or home purchase. Prior to becoming a Mortgage Loan Originator, he worked for about 10 years in both corporate and non-profit financial roles. He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, is a Certified Public Accountant and also a Financial Coach. He not only has the knowledge to help you through the loan process, but also uses his financial background to understand your current financial situation, and gives financial advice and education to help you accomplish your goals and dreams while ensuring you get the best rate and loan product to do so.

Eric has learned through years of financial coaching that many people do not understand the loan process and it can cause a considerable amount of stress or uncertainty. This is quite possibly the largest financial decision you will ever make and Eric’s goal is to help make that process worry-free.

He has been married to his wife Hillary for almost 10 years and has a one year old son, Otto. When he is not working, he enjoys traveling, sports and spending time with his family.